Meet The Guys

Todd Fetters – Lead
Todd was born in Versailles, Ky. and has lived in Midway for 36 years. Todd’s home church is North View Baptist in Lexington, Ky. Todd has been a vocalist/instrumentalist since the age of 12 and has sang with4 some fantastic gospel groups like The Noblemen for 4 1/2 years back in the mid to late 1990′s and had a really brief stint with The Penny Loafers (Gospel Acapella Group out of Berea}. Todd also attended EKU. We know you are gonna love the smooth, wonderful sound of Todd’s singing voice!

David Combs – Baritone
David and his wife Marie live in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. David also is a gifted songwriter and musician. He has played guitar for most of his life with many different groups in the Central Kentucky area. David brings a rich, mellow sound to the group, which ties all the harmonies together. David has been with the Patriot Quartet since it was first started in 1996.

Doug Sallee – Tenor
Doug Sallee lives in Lawrenceburg, KY. with his wife Jennifer and three children, Nathan, Joshua, and Emma Jo. He is a deacon at Fellowship Baptist church and has 23 years experience singing tenor.

Darrell Gabhart – Bass
Darrell and his wife Ann live in Lawrenceburg, KY. For 25 years Darrell has sung with quartets in the Central Kentucky area. Darrell brings many years of experience to the group and he is a very accomplished bass singer. Darrell is very active in his home church of Goshen Baptist and works hard in the promotion of the quartet.